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Not your average paranormal podcast

Keep it Weird is created by, produced, edited, and hosted by two weird women-- Ashley Casseday and Lauren Ogle.  Friends for 15 years and always fans of the paranormal and supernatural, they decided they wanted to do more than tell each other spooky stories over a bottle of wine.

Ashley and Lauren are joined weekly by a guest to talk about anything STRANGE. Past guests include Paranormal Experts/Weirdos GREG & DANA NEWKIRK (Planet Weird, Hellier, Haunted Objects Podcast) Actor/Writer CARL TART (Grand Crew, Brooklyn 99) & JEN KOBER (The Browns, American Horror Story) & stand up comedians including DJ DEMERS (One More Time, AGT) & Justin Foster (Cheap Date)


Ranging from the Bermuda triangle to witchcraft, artificial and extraterrestrial intelligence to the multiverse theory, and even twins to tumors.

We find guests who have had their own experiences with the paranormal or are just fascinated by it, and we really try and take a deep look at the subject at hand-- providing alternate theories, doing the research, and looking past what wikipedia has to offer.

Check out our promo if you're new to the show! Become a member of our weird family by following us on social media and sharing your stories with us!

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